International scientific-practical conference “Science, Economics and Social Modernization of Society: Reality and Prospects”

In the Institute of Economics of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan held an international scientific and practical conference “Science, Economics and Social Modernization of Society: Reality and Prospects”, October 18, 2019  (Almaty city, the building of Gylym Ordasy, Concert Hall).

The key topic of the conference was to discuss the current state and prospects of development of the economy of Kazakhstan in the face of increased international competition, unstable development of the world economic system and growing social inequality.

At the conference was held the presentation of the book “The Strategy of Economic Security and Social Stability of the Society of Kazakhstan”, which reflected the results of research by scientists of the Institute of Economics of CS MES RK, carried out as part of the scientific and technical program “Kazakhstan’s path to a knowledge-based economy based on the third technological modernization: strategy, models and development mechanisms”.

The conference was attended by representatives of government bodies, science, education and business, including well-known domestic and foreign scientists: Vice Minister of Education and Science Asylova B.A., Director of the Institute of Economics of the CS MES RK, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan,doctor of economics, professor Satybaldin A.A.; Deputy President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Economics Ivanov V.V. (Russian Federation), Professor of the University of Applied Sciences, Mittweida S. Velesko (Germany); Co-founder of the International School of Advanced Learning M. Lvov (USA) and others.


Research areas:

  • Social innovations and quality of living population of Kazakhstan in the conditions of the information society;
  • Human capital in the labor market in the conditions of technological modernization of Kazakhstan;
  • Model of the investment and financial system in the conditions of formation a knowledge-based economy in Kazakhstan;
  • Increasing the competitiveness of national personnel as a condition for ensuring a balance of labor resources and workplaces. 

Leading employees of the department: 

Satybaldin Аzimkhan  head of the department, c.r., d.e.s., professor, academician of NAS RK
Koshanov Amanzhol c.r., academician of NAS RK
Panzabekova Аksana l.r., c.e.s., docent
Gaisina Salima c.r.., d.e.s.
Meldekhanova Marziya c.r., d.e.s.
Kaliyeva Saule c.r., d.e.s., docent 
Khalitova Madina c.r., d.e.s., associate professor
Chulanova Zaure l.r., c.e.s.
Makhmudov Nurlan s.r., c.e.s.
Bagayeva Naziken s.r., c.e.s.
Tursynbayeva Dana s.r., c.e.s.


Research areas:

  • Science in the digital environment: models of research practices, network infrastructure and digital tools;
  • Intellectual support of knowledge-based economy in Kazakhstan: potential, effects and prospects.

Leading employees of the department: 

Alibekova Gulnaz head of the department, l.r., PhD
Ruzanov Rashid l.r., c.e.s.
Kireyeva Anel l.r., c.e.s.


Research areas:

  • Knowledge-intensive economy: factors of formation, priorities and development mechanisms in Kazakhstan.
  • Territorial localization of the knowledge-intensive sector of the economy of Kazakhstan: principles, potential and development scenarios.
  • Elaboration of economic development mechanisms for depressed border regions of Kazakhstan. 

Leading employees of the department: 

Alzhanova Farida head of the department, c.r., d.e.s., docent
Dnishev Farkhat c.r., d.e.s., professor
Nurlanova Nailya c.r., d.e.s., professor
Brimbetova  Nursaule l.r., c.e.s.., docent
Dauranov Ildar l.r., c.e.s.
Chigarkina Olga l.r., c.e.s.
Saipayeva Zaira s.r., PhD
Khasenova Altynay s.r., PhD


Research areas:

  • Diversification and growth of high-tech exports of Kazakhstan: mechanisms and priorities;
  • Strategic management of the metallurgical complex of Kazakhstan in the context of global competition. 

Leading employees of the department: 

Sabden Orazaly head of the department, c.r., d.e.s., professor,

academician of NES RK

Egorov Oleg c.r., d.e.s., professor
Zhaleleva Raziya c.r., d.e.s., docent
Turkeyeva Kulyash l.r., c.e.s., docent
Osmanov Zhasym s.r., c.e.s.