Department of regional economics and environmental management

Bekturganova Makpal Sattikulovna

Head of the Department of Regional Economics and Environmental Management


Scopus ID: H-index = 2 (57204162579)

Researcher ID: H-index=1 (AAQ-2815-2020)

ORCID:  0000-0003-1708-8208

Chairman of the Council of young scientists, member of the Academic council of the Institute of Economics of the CS MHES RK

Thematic editor of the journal «Economics: Strategy and Practice»

Senior lecturer on the joint educational program for the training of scientific personnel between the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University and the Institute of Higher Education of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the basis of the RSE «Gylym Ordasy»



Fellow of a scientific scholarship among young scientists from the international Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan in the direction of the Gender Open Economy Fellowship (2019-2020)

Letter of thanks from the General director of the Institute of Economics of the CS MHES RK for fruitful scientific activity (2022)

2 letters of thanks from the Minister of Science and Higher Education of the RK (2022)


1) The executor of the project «Priorities and mechanisms against rural women of Kazakhstan unequal access to the resources» (IRN AP14869297, 2022-2024)

2) The executor of the project «Study of factors, features and dynamics of demographic processes, migration, urbanization in Kazakhstan, development of digital maps and forecasts» (PCF BR10965247, 2021-2023)

Research interests: research on economic problems, low-carbon economic development, green economy, regional economy, digital economy, gender economy.


  • Nurlanova Nailya Kapenovna – r., d.e.s., professor
  • Brimbetova Nursaule Zhanakhmetovna – r., c.e.s., professor
  • Egorov Oleg Ivanovich – r., d.e.s.
  • Chigarkina Olga Anatolyevna – r., c.e.s.
  • Saparbek Nurgul Kurmanovna – PhD student
  • Temirova Gaukhartas – PhD student