Laboratory “ZertteuLab”

Laboratory “ZertteuLab”

Head of Laboratory  

Moldabekova Aisulu Tursynbaevna, PhD

Scopus ID: (57207841308 )

Researcher ID: AAN-3931-2020)

ORCID: 0000-0003-4330-5595

Objectives of Laboratory 

  • To improve the academic professional skills of employees: the laboratory focuses on improving the qualifications of the Institute’s employees to conduct both fundamental and applied research through expanding knowledge and skills in relevant areas of economic science.
  • To organize methodological schools and seminars on modern methods of data analysis: the laboratory is actively working on the introduction of advanced methods of data analysis, including the use of artificial intelligence and statistical programs in the implementation of scientific research.
  • To interaction with the scientific community: developing networking interactions with other scientific institutions and participating in research projects through the creation of joint scientific groups and partnerships.

Functions of Laboratory

  • Conducting interdisciplinary research that combines economics with other scientific disciplines, such as sociology, ecology, computer science and others. This allows you to create complex projects that take into account various aspects of economic and social processes.
  • Development of indices for assessing socio-economic problems that will help assess various aspects of the state and development of society. These indices can be used to analyze and forecast economic trends and make policy recommendations.
  • Scientific consulting for representatives of science and education, providing expert advice and support for scientists and educational organizations. This includes advice on research project design, research methodology and data analysis.

Publications of Laboratory

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