About the Institute

About the Institute

RSE “Institute of economics” Science Committee of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan was founded in 1952 based on the Academy of Sciences. It has a branch in Nur-Sultan city – the Center of social and economic research, which was established by order of the MES RK No. 496 dated October 2, 2000.

The institute employs academicians of NAS RK 2 persons, NES RK 1 person, MAI RK 1 person. the Institute has a high scientific potential, which is confirmed by the presence of 2 laureates of the state award of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Institute maintains a high level of scientific staff with academic degrees (60%). Institute of economics in the framework of “Educational programs for training scientific personnel of the magistracy and doctoral studies PhD of scientific research institutes of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan together with the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University” provides training for young specialists: PhD doctors and masters by the specialties “Economy” and “World Economy”.

The structure of the institute is flexible and subordinated to the priorities of research in economic science and strategic objectives of economic and social development in Kazakhstan. In particular, in 2018, in accordance with the new requirements of world and domestic economic development, a new structure was approved, which focused on the study of the problems of competitiveness, innovation, knowledge-based economy, social development, problems of the regional economy, digitalization, etc.

Today institute has 7 departments and a branch:

The institute maintains close cooperation with foreign research institutions and scientists. The institute participates in international scientific projects and researches, holds scientific and practical international conferences, forums, round tables, seminars, etc.

As part of the implementation of the program documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan and in accordance with the Strategic development plans of the Institute of Economics conducted research in the following areas:

  • development of knowledge-based economy;
  • structure and technological modernization of the economy;
  • social economy development;
  • financial and investment policy;
  • study of the directions and potential of economic and scientific-technical cooperation of Kazakhstan and China within the framework of the Economic Belt “Silk Road”;
  • problems of managing the economy of Kazakhstan;
  • improving the competitiveness of the real sector;
  • local government development;
  • regularities and principles of territorial development;
  • integration of Kazakhstan into the global technological space;
  • problems of cluster development;
  • the development of public and private enterprise;
  • Institutional development and economic pragmatism, etc.