Diversification and growth of high-tech exports of Kazakhstan: mechanisms and priorities

Diversification and growth of high-tech exports of Kazakhstan: mechanisms and priorities

Leader of the Research project Turkeyeva K.А., Leading Researcher, Candidate of Economic Sciences, docent

The aim at the first stage (2018y.) is an analysis and assessment of the export potential of high technology products in Kazakhstan.
The main results of the second stage of research (2018y.):
- substantiated the theoretical and methodological foundations of diversification of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the conditions of the 4th industrial revolution. The author’s interpretation is given in a broad interpretation of the definitions of «diversification of the economy» and «diversification of exports». Features of diversification, such as the development of high-tech production, digitalization, the development of an intellectual product in the fields of education, etc. are revealed. To assess the diversification of the economy, a method is proposed for determining the economic complexity of countries, as well as finding ways to develop their export baskets;
- assessment is given of the export potential of the petrochemical industry. It was revealed that export-oriented petrochemical products are aromatic hydrocarbons – benzol and paraxylene;
- the problems of export potential of manufacturing industries are identified: low-tech industrial structure of the economy, high energy intensity of the economy, low labor productivity, physical and moral depreciation of fixed assets;
- the factors affecting the export of transport and logistics services are identified: the absence of a single tariff, customs, technological policies, the current principles of tariff formation, not transparent mechanism of management of the transportation process, physical and moral deterioration of the track and rolling stock (50-60%), lack of rolling stock, etc;
-the necessity of regional specialization and consolidation of agricultural formations introduction of water and resource – saving technologies in agriculture, technical and technological modernization of agricultural industries; formation of integrated industries based on cluster priorities, etc.
Scientific results are reflected in the following foreign rating edition of SCOPUS database:
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The aim at the second stage (2019y.) it is a justification of export diversification directions in the context of the third technological modernization.
The main results of the second stage of research (2019y.):
-methodological approaches to the assessment of export diversification of Kazakhstan based on the assessment of the integral index of prerequisites (index of export competitiveness, index of survival of export potential, index of innovative activity of the region, index of prerequisites for export diversification) to export diversification, and the assessment of the index of diversification of export products in the third modernization. Regions with high indices on the basis of the resource base of Kazakhstan are identified. The proposals for the introduction of this technique as a tool for state authorities in the implementation of export policy in the regions and the country are given;
- the directions and parameters of diversification of export-oriented products are substantiated: a) the study of the main directions of export diversification in the priority sectors of the manufacturing industry is carried out. The structure of the manufacturing industry by the level of technological development is examined, high-tech industries and their share in GDP are revealed. The proposals on the strategic need to diversify the structure of the national economy, based on the developed methodology for assessing the indices of export diversification and analysis of the development of priority manufacturing industries. The index of comparative advantages of the manufacturing industry in the regional context is evaluated, and the export potential of the leading regions in the priority sectors of the manufacturing industry is revealed; b) developed proposals for the intensification of the oil and gas chemical industry of Kazakhstan, based on the developed parameters of the output of oil and gas products on the basis of integrated use for rational processing of hydrocarbon raw materials and deep processing of associated gas. Based on the author’s calculations, the proposals for obtaining marketable products in the form of a wide range of polymer products, which are in great demand in the domestic and foreign markets, and increase the export opportunities of Kazakhstan, are substantiated; C) the article substantiates the main directions and proposed original approaches to the formation of transport-logistical system in terms of the formation of “Industry 4,0”, based on the definition of priorities for modernizatsii transport and logistics infrastructure of the country, improving the quality of services in the context of industry 4.0 and the inclusion in the international intelligent transport network;
 -priorities of development are investigated and justification on an exit of agroindustrial production to foreign markets, on the basis of the revealed factors having both system, and subjective nature is given. Proposals have been developed to diversify the export potential of agricultural products.
- the proposals and priorities of the state policy in the development of high-tech products export are developed on the basis of the developed methodology for assessing the diversification of exports of Kazakhstan, taking into account the modernization of the structure of the manufacturing industry and its basic industries.
Scientific results are reflected in the following foreign rating edition of SCOPUS database:
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1.  Reference of the receipt and further consideration of proposals and recommendations on the state management project from the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan K.-Zh. Tokayev to O.Sabden dated 13.08.2019.

2. Reference on the use of research materials conducted in IE CS MES RK № 029 dated 10. 09.2019 signed by the director of «MIDIA» LLP M.G. Shuraev.