16.10.2020 the Institute of economics held an international scientific and practical conference «Modern industrial policy of the national economy in the light of the Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan K.-Zh. Tokayev – «Kazakhstan in a new reality: time for action».

During the conference, problematic issues of industrial development in Kazakhstan were voiced, which only intensified during the pandemic. The conference participants noted that the state’s industrial policy and export strategy should first of all provide the domestic market with essential goods and meet the needs of the population by providing products to industry segments – food, light, agricultural, construction, create production facilities with a high degree of complexity in mechanical engineering, in combination with non-ferrous metallurgy, and join international technological chains.

They also discussed the problems of developing the country’s important oil and gas industry as a whole and outlined the directions for its transition to low-carbon technologies. Special attention was paid to supporting the manufacturing sector of the industry and managing the commercialization of scientific developments in the industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The conference participants were interested in proposals on using the opportunities of the «Belt and Road» project in terms of implementing the industrial and innovation policy of Kazakhstan.

Representatives of public administration, science and business took part in the discussion.

Moderator of the conference – Director of the Institute of economics, d.e.s., professor, academician of the NAS of Republic of Kazakhstan.

Invited speakers and participants:

Azamat Batyrkozha – Vice-minister of the Ministry of digital development and aerospace industry.

Ramazan Ayan – Director of the department of innovation ecosystem and scientific and technical development of the Ministry of digital development and aerospace industry.

Sembin Askar –  CEO of The Autonomous cluster Fund «Park of innovative technologies».

Dusmukhametov Asset – Director of the R&D Department of Astana Hub companies.

Oleg Yegorov – d.e.s., professor, Institute of economics.

Zifa Yakupova – Managing Director – Director of the Department of manufacturing industry of the National chamber of entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan «Atameken».

Bagila sakenova – expert of the Department of agriculture and Food industry National chamber of entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan «Atameken».

Zhailov Zhumabek Zataevich – d.e.s., professor, honored economist of the Kyrgyz Republic, «Manas» Kyrgyz-Turkish  University, Bishkek.

Beklemishev Pavel –  Deputy chairman of the Committee of mechanical engineering and metalworking of NCE RK «Atameken».

Turkeeva Kulyash – c.e.s., associate professor, leading researcher, Institute of economics.

Turgynbayeva Ardak – d.e.s., professor, head of the department of «Management» of al-Farabi Kazakh national university.

Zhanarys Raimbekov – d.e.s., professor,  L.Gumilyov ENU, Nursultan.

Gulmira Yusupova –  founder of the «Export academy», author of the course «Golden hundred of exporters».

Young employees of the Institute of economics.